6 Essential Tips When Boarding A Cruise Ship


Whether you’re holidaying on a cruise for the first time, or just want to be extra prepared to avoid troubles down the track, take these 6 essential tips into consideration to assist you in having a smooth getaway:


  1. Pick the right date and stick with the same cruise line



Choose the right date and time to take a holiday cruise. If you’re looking to a take a cruise during less busy peak times – it is ideal to book during low seasons and these vary across countries. The peak season for Australia for example is during the Christmas school holidays. Another ideal suggestion is to stick with one cruise line as customer loyalty is very important to the cruise line business. If you stick with one brand, you can positively end up saving big bucks, and seeing some huge perks down the track. This includes perks to your booking process, and benefits to your on-board experiences such as member-only events like cocktail parties to return customers.


  1.  Be aware of your spending


Be mindful of your spending throughout your holiday cruise. Take into account that employees expect tips so be prepared to factor this in your expense planning. Also remember to check your bill to see if any service charges have been added. However, many cruise lines offer the choice to opt out of the service charge, and instead give you the option to tip what you prefer. You can also save a bit of cash by BYO drinks although policies vary from ship to ship. Lastly, it is more efficient and ideal to ask for a copy of your bill a day ahead of checkout time as this time period can become chaotic. This will enable you to assess all the charges a day ahead, and raise any queries before lining up with all the other cruise attendees for checkout.


  1. Stay offline


Remember to turn off mobile data roaming as many people end up shocked to later find a huge bill from their phone provider. When you can, try to stay away from the Internet as much as possible. This is because the Internet is generally more slower and more expensive at sea despite Internet packages. If possible, wait until you’re in port and can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot to post all your holiday photos. Plus, you need to be enjoying your luxurious surroundings rather than being glued to your phone. Pre-book entertainment, talk to season cruisers, enjoy the free activities and enjoy the sea life!


  1. Ear plugs


A tip is to invest in some earplugs. Check whether your cabin will provide for some, and if not, be sure to pack them! This is because cruise ships can sometimes be noisy, especially if the cruise is targeted towards families and kids. It will be one of your favourite items on board as there will be many times you’ll just want to unwind and relax.


  1. Sea sickness medication


Avoid being ill-prepared. You don’t want to end up with seasickness, which is a reaction to your body’s ear balance system to the not-so familiar motion of the cruise ship. So avoid bad nausea by packing some effective medication!  


Take these six tips into consideration before boarding onto your holiday of a lifetime! These tips will ensure that your journey is smooth, fun and stress free!



5 Health Tips When Travelling

Are you travelling abroad anytime soon? Before you step out of the country, it’s important to remember that you are leaving behind what is familiar in terms of your motherland’s medical system and health practices. Many people who travel overseas suffer from travel related illnesses, which can range from minor to very serious and endemic diseases in some parts of the world.


To avoid the nasty consequences, here are 5 health tips to take into account when travelling:


Take extra care when it comes to personal hygiene and food safety

Many travellers experience diarrhoea and other food-related illnesses when abroad. It’s therefore essential to take extra care when it comes to personal hygiene and food safety. Symptoms of contaminated food or water include fever, vomiting, loose stools and nausea. Some tips include packing alcohol-based hand sanitiser or disposable wipes when travelling in places with a lack of clean water. And if you don’t have access to filtered water – make sure that tap water is boiled before consumption. When it comes to bottled water, try to check that it is from a reliable source and that the seal is intact. When it comes to foods – salads, uncooked seafood and raw meat are likely to contain more germs. So take the extra step to make sure risky foods are handled in sanitary environments, and in good hygiene.


Travel vaccinations


Another important element to consider before travelling is to have your vaccinations all sorted – so it’s recommended to see your doctor six to eight weeks before boarding. Immunisations are crucial for keeping both children and adults healthy by preventing the spread of diseases through worldwide travel; such as tetanus, cervical cancer, measles, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, rotavirus and many more. Be sure to also do your thorough research as some countries legally require tourists to have certain vaccinations before entering the country.


Check your health insurance


Before setting foot on that plane, check what type of travel health insurance you have with your health insurance provider and to see if you are satisfied with the coverage available to you. Three types of travel insurance include trip cancellation/interruption, medical evaluation and health/accident. Furthermore, some insurance companies will not cover illness or injuries, while other types require that you pay any treatment upfront and then apply for reimbursement once home.


Avoid insect bites


Check if your destination is a hotspot for mosquitoes, especially countries where mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent. Serious diseases caused by insects include yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever which can be transmitted by bites. Although drugs and vaccines help protect against potential diseases, it is recommended to use insect repellent, which can help prevent nasty itchy bites. Other easy tips include wearing light colours as mosquitoes are drawn to dark colours, and when possible, avoid outdoor activity during dusk and dawn as mosquitoes are more active during these time periods.


Prescription medicines


If you or your loved ones take prescription medication, it is vital to have enough packed to remain in good health. Make sure to read travel advice and inquire at embassies to make sure your medicine is legal. It is also ideal to leave your medication in its original packaging for easy identification, and accompanying documents such as a letter from your doctor detailing the prescription. This will prepare you for easy inspection at airport security.


Take the extra step to protect yourself from illnesses and to avoid problems down the track when travelling abroad. These tips will allow you have a smooth holiday of a lifetime!

Why Morocco is the Top of my To Do List

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Morocco is a melting pot of culture with influence from its African neighbours, Islamic traditions from Arab nations, and European colonizers. Along the streets you’ll see building made of mud bricks, interspersed with colourful zellij (ceramic-tile mosaic), and lavish greenery filled backyards. If you’re planning to visit a mosque (as a non-Muslim visitor), keep in mind there only a few mosques are open to public visitors. If you get the chance, book your stay at a riad, where you’ll really experience the Moroccan way of life!

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Prepare to have your sense of smell and sense of taste light up with the spices of Morocco. Known for its vast variety of home-grown spices, combined with fresh local produce, you’re going to enjoy dishes that are packed full of flavour, and taste straight from the farm! When visiting markets you’re going to see vendors with mountains of beautiful, aromatic spices that will tantalise your senses. However, before bringing the spices back home, be sure to read your country’s quarantine laws.


You can’t visit Morocco and not take a trip out to see the Sahara Desert up close and personal. Take this chance to ride a camel through the desert to reach your camp in the middle of the desert. From here you’re going to see more stars, than some people ever see in their entire lives. Often these experience ranges from budget trips, to luxurious accomodation (with the matching price tag) but truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Whether it’s in the food, on the building, on clothes, and spices, there is colour covering every aspect of Moroccan life, making it a visual spectacle. At the markets you’re going to see the colours of the spices come alive, contributing to the lively atmosphere of Morocco. On sight seeing trips the pops of greenery on the the oases set with the Sahara Desert background is a sight to see.

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Travelling so far from home, to a foreign land where you don’t know the culture and language can be daunting. I’ve been considering all the options, especially travel packages, that travel in small groups which are safe and reliable with big companies.

5 Things To Do In Port Douglas, Australia

Port Douglas is a gorgeous coastal town that is situated on the North East Coast of Queensland Australia. Port Douglas surrounds are definitely surreal, on one side you can have stunning coastal views with the great barrier reef in sight and on the other you can see sights of the captivating rainforest.

Cairns to Port Douglas by car is just a little over an hour, and peak season is in May – September when marine stinger season is at its lowest.

Port Douglas is great holiday destination for families and couples looking to relax, unwind and to also take part in wonderful outdoor activities. Every day can be as peaceful as another or it can be a unique adventure every day. Besides swimming, paddleboarding, rafting, horse riding or hot-air ballooning, here are 5 other top things to take part in when at Port Douglas.

Five Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Australia, Beach, Sea

Bask At Four Mile Beach

Voted as one of the best beach in the world time and time again, Four Mile beach is the star attraction of Port Douglas. The scenery is gorgeous and the water is divine. There is a handful of water activities in the area as well. Though do keep in mind that during the stinger season that the beach may be closed off from swimming.

Shop Reef Marina

Known as the Port Douglas gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, it is a wharf that acts a hub where most of your adventures may begin. Besides the usual shops, restaurants and cafes, you can book boat charters and tours for fishing, scuba diving, sailing and voyaging the Great Barrier Reef.

Dive In The Great Barrier Reef

If you have not explored the Great Barrier Reef, this is your chance. Explore one of the natural wonders of the world. This attraction is stunning above surface and that is without even talking about the underwater wonderland waiting to be explored. Scuba diving and snorkelling is well prized here.

Port Douglas, Australia, Queensland, Mountains, Trees

Explore Daintree Rainforest

You can choose to getaway from the coastal views and seascape scenery and explore the majestic Daintree Rainforest. There are many attractions within the forest that will captivate your interest. Mossman Gorge and Daintree River lies within the national park. The Daintree Rainforest is 20 minutes from Port Douglas and you can hike, watch wildlife, swim and more.

Relax At Rex Smeal Park

Make sure to visit Rex Smeal Park when the sun sets or at dusk. With a picturesque mountain in the background, it makes it a relaxing place to have a picnic or lie down and soak in the ambience. Trinity Bay Lookout is also further along the path and showcases serene views.
Port Douglas is one of many great holiday destinations in Queensland. There are plenty of other Queensland packages deals out there to suit each traveler’s taste.

Things to do in London!

London is commonly a prominent selection when it concerns choosing a location to begin a Europe tour. It’s simple to get to, there’s a lot to see and also it’s a gorgeous component of the globe. Whether you have a week to check it out or a day or two, these are the 5 things you should do when you travel to London!


Eat Fish and also Chips

What could be more English then consuming some greasy fish and chips? Do on yourself a favour and appreciate the conventional British fish and also chips. Locate a beautiful area in St James’ Park to devour your dish with the Buckingham Palace in the background!


Admire Westminster Abbey

Over 700 years of ages, the Westminster Abbey is just one of the most prominent tourist attractions in London with over 1 million site visitors every year. It is merely gorgeous to look at and audio overviews are cost-free with specific tickets


Enjoy the Changing of the Guards

Possibly among one of the most famous tasks for travelers to do in London is to view the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. This event is complimentary to view so make certain you turn up very early to obtain a suitable place! Be sure to do your research to find out what times and days it will be taking place.


Have lunch in Hyde Park

A lovely bright day is difficult to come by in London; nevertheless on the off possibility you do appear to really feel the sunlight radiating on your face get a few of your much-loved foods and visit Hyde Park for lunch. Situated right in the city of London, it is the ideal area to kick back and appreciate the city’s elegance.


Ride the London Eye

The London Eye is a must  for any first time tourists to the location. It gives you an attractive sight of the city from several angles, likewise educating you of the structures that border you when taking a trip in the little sheathing over the city.


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5 Things to Do in Auckland

Auckland is one of the biggest cities in New Zealand’s north island. Cosmopolitan with natural surrounds, Auckland is a unique city with a wide range of fun things to do and attractions. Whether you’re headed to the city for a short city break or a longer holiday, you won’t find time to get bored in the Land of the White Cloud.

Read on to find out 5 things to do in Auckland and start planning your trip to New Zealand!

One Tree Hill

Auckland is surrounded by volcanoes, with over 40 ancient volcanic cones dotted around the city. Take a walk through One Tree Hill, an 182-metre volcanic peak to the east of Auckland CBD. Climb to the top for a full 360 degree view of Auckland and both of the city’s sparkling harbours. The site is also home to the grave of John Logan Campbell and holds great significance for New Zealanders and Maori cultures.

Take a trip to Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is full of natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, native forests, and vineyards. Just a 35-minute ferry from downtown Auckland, escape to the gorgeous shores of Waiheke Island and discover art galleries, cafes, local wineries and craft boutiques. Hit the beach and enjoy a swimming, surfing and more beach activities, or just soak up the sun on the island’s pure shores.  

Shop til you drop on Queen Street

Take some time out from sightseeing and head to Queen Street to enjoy the New Zealand shopping experience! Queen Street is one of the main shopping streets in the CBD, offering a wide range of fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and more. Visitors can also explore the laneways around the area for more independent shops and boutiques.

Head to the top of the Sky Tower

Get an unrivaled view of Auckland from above at the top of the Sky Tower. Experience breathtaking vistas of the city from 220 metres in the air, with views as far as 80 kilometres in each direction. Travellers can also take the opportunity to dine at the 360 degrees revolving restaurant, drink at The Sugar Cube cocktail bar or relax with a coffee at the Sky Cafe.

Get cultural at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki.

Art lovers should head to the Auckland Art Gallery to see beautiful artworks from home and away. Sometimes known by its Maori name Toi o Tamaki, the gallery is the largest in the city and is home to a huge collection of national and international art. Check online for exhibition information before you go, as the gallery regularly hosts events and one-of-a-kind exhibits.

Cheap Eats in Sydney & Surrounds



Tio’s – Surry Hills

Tio’s popped up a few years ago, and it hasn’t left. For good reason. Free popcorn, tasty tequila, and one hell of a vibe. Give the bartender your bra, listen to some surf rock tunes, and drink the night away. It’s way too easy to stay here, it’s even easier to never leave. They also serve up a couple of different tacos to quench your midnight hunger.

Batch Brewing Co – Marrickville

Born out of a garage in Marrickville, Batch is quickly becoming the spot to have a beer on the weekend. In true Newtown style you will be treated to bearded men in golfer hats serving you some of the most delicious pale ale in town. Grab yourself a tasting plate, or if you’re interested jump on a brewery tour.


Thai la-ong – Newtown

Newtown is a Thai mecca in the borders of the city, don’t let anyone tell you differently. A five minute walk down King Street will have you swamped in smells of fish sauce and coriander. Thai la-ong is an institution with the locals here. Every night of the week you will have hoards of Uni students, couples, and hipsters converging on this cheap and tasty bite. What makes it better, and even more affordable is its BYO rules, bring one bottle bring the whole case, they don’t mind. Grab dinner and an entree for $15.

Baja Cantina – Glebe

Come here on a Monday and get Nachos, Fajitas and Sangria for $40. Grab some extra wraps on the side and you’ve got a meal for three people. This funky little restaurant has a beer garden, frozen margaritas and some of the tastiest Mexican in Sydney. Meals are huge so if you think something is too expensive it’s because you can share it with someone else.
29954478990_a4e1447a1c_k (1)

Hive Bar – Erskineville

Drop into this local hole in the wall for a quick feed and a couple of tasty beers. With lots of local brews on tap, you are in craft beer heaven. Grab a $5 cheeseburger or two, they are pretty tasty. Certain days in the week they rock old school vinyl and allow you to pick your favourite hits.


Rural Sunsets on a Whirlwind Roadtrip

Long road trips create an unreal excitement. Planning, packing, organising the perfect playlist Two weeks exploring the heart of New South Wales is the best way to spend your winter, or summer breaks. But, be prepared for some bumps along the way. Travelling over 2000 kilometres in two weeks isn’t always going to be easy.


Cocoparra –

The drive from Sydney to Cocoparra National Park is around 6 hours and isn’t that remarkable. If the trip is too long, drop into Yass on the way for lunch, it’s a nice way to break up your drive. We luckily stopped at Yass! As we went to set off again, we quickly realised our battery had died. A quick call to roadside assistance, and one new battery later, we were on the road (Don’t make our mistake, check your vehicle before you leave). Arriving in Cocoparra we ventured straight for our campsite at Woolshed Flats.

Jack’s Creek walking track is by far the best bushwalk in the area, a short 2.5 km walk. We didn’t find the walk to hard, but we did it early morning, as to avoid the hot sun. The rocky shelves, rugged bushland and bird sightings made this walk surreal. We were one of the only groups on the walk at this time, making the adventure all the more serene.


Yanga –

Yanga National Park is only a 4 hour drive from Cocoparra, so it can be done at any time in the day. We arrived at lunch to allow for time to set up camp. Driving into Yanga felt like driving onto someone’s property, there were lots of small wooden fences and flat expanses. We camped at WIllows which was a great place to rest your head for a night. The lake viewing deck is a good place to see some wildlife in action. The homestead on the lake offers historical tours, and information about the area. The Red Gum bird hide was the highlight of our trip to Yanga, although looking much like a backyard shed, the hide offered a great vantage point to see the spectacular birds of Yanga.


Mungo –

Mungo was well worth the seven hour drive. The epic landscapes hit you as you begin to drive towards the parks. Even the change in environment from dense bushlands, to drier flats takes you a little by surprise. Despite its abundance of national heritage Mungo is a relatively quiet to travel around, I suspect its distance from capital cities keeps the tourist hoards away.

Belah campground was our home away from home. Our first day included the magnificent Foreshore walk which took us over sand dunes, to Lake Mungo, a World Heritage site. We saw a couple of baby joeys, and a plethora of pink cockatoos so it was well worth the trip. We also jumped on a Walls of China tour which guided us through the past, discussing the immense cultural history of the Australian Aborigines.


Murrumbidgee –

The famous Murrumbidgee National park is around a 6 hour drive from Mungo, but is a great stop on your journey home. This is the place to go for a swim, a four wheel drive or just relax. Go straight to Middle beach, and wash off. Finding a camp spot near the river can be a task but it beats camping away from it! Hire a canoe, or do some fishing. Visit the Koala reserve and try to spot one of the Murrumbidgee little residents. Pay attention to signs around the area as you don’t want to disrupt Australia’s favourite furry friend.

Jugiong –

With a small town vibe, Jugiong is the perfect place to wind down after two weeks worth of adventures. Drop into Longtrack Pantry for lunch, and be spoilt for healthy choices. They also sell a range of jams, and chutneys if you want a little reminder of your trip. Not that it will last long, everything that comes out of this place is too delicious to preserve. If you are looking for a break on your way back to the city, set up camp in the showgrounds which are located just down the road from Longtrack. This campground is also close to the Murrumbidgee River so go for a walk along the banks whilst you are there, you are sure to see some local wildlife.


The Riverina area is a bustling agricultural hub, with thousands of acres of farmland throughout. If you are in need of something a little more luxury to finish your trip pop into anyone of the motels within the area. The town of Young is a short drive, and offers plenty of overnight accommodation. While you are there visit a cherry farm, a Young speciality, or pop into one of the vineyards in the area. Grove Estate winery, located just outside of town offers free tasting, and decently priced wine.

The drive from Jugiong to Sydney is a short 4 hours. Again it isn’t the most spectacular drive, but you can spot farm life and baby animals depending on the time of year. September is the nicest time to travel through this area as the canola crops are bright yellow, and wheat dark green. It’s a nice feeling seeing where your food comes from, so stopping at a couple of farmer’s stalls on the way home was how we finished our trip.

Scenic Road Trips Around NSW

NSW, or New South Wales, is home to some of the most popular attractions in the world. From the Sydney Opera House, to Bondi Beach, these attractions get most of the glory while the rest of New South Wales is often passed over by tourist.

Just miles outside of the central business district of Sydney, you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with unbeatable surfing, and coastlines, it’s worth planning a road trip on your next visit to NSW. Forget the tour buses – rent a car and see the sights at your own pace. Here’s some of the best scenic road trips around NSW with views to cruise to:

Sydney to Canberra

A little over 3 hours south of Sydney, Canberra is a vibrant capital city that is home to Australia’s Parliament House, the National Museum of Australia, National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial. Taking the Princes Highway to Batemans Bay down the south coast, proceed to the Kings Highway, through the historic towns of Braidwood and Bungendore. Canberra offers rich history with its historical buildings and exhibits.

The Legendary Pacific Coast

Heading the opposite direction, you can cruise up the Pacific Ocean coastline, with options for you to stop at famous stops areas of the Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, Port Stephens, Ballina and the famous Byron Bay. Here you can to hit the beaches and explore the forests of the national parks. The trip from Sydney to Byron Bay is abundant with ocean activities that the whole family can enjoy.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive

Just a short drive outside of Sydney, the Greater Blue Mountains Drive takes you on a great adventure of your own choice of either of the 18 discovery trails that branch out from the main route. Each of these trails explores national parks and conservation areas in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This drive lets you take as many stops as you’d like, to explore walking tracks and admire the amazing views of the Blue Mountains.

The Grand Pacific Drive

Beginning at the Royal National Park, this beautiful driving route takes you south of Sydney all the way down the coast, passed Wollongong, Shellharbour and finishing at Kiama. The Sea Cliff Bridge is a big highlight of this scenic drive, as it offers wonderful views swerving out from the cliffs above the ocean.

Both the journey and destinations of the Grand Pacific Drive are spectacular with plenty of pit stops such as the Symbio Wildlife Gardens, the beaches at Stanwell Park, Old Helensburgh Railway Station, Nan Tien Temple, Jamberoo Action Park, Kiama Blowhole and many more!

Darling River Run

Outback NSW can sound daunting with the sheer size, heat, and possibility to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, but you can’t miss the the Darling River Run. This drive takes you from Walgett all the way to Wentworth in a span of 4 days. From outdoor adventure tours, wine tastings, and even water skiing, this multi-day road trip will leave you impressed with the Australian Outback landscape as you venture through several iconic country towns such as Broken Hill and Silverton.

With so much to see around Sydney, NSW, make sure you plan your trips properly. Regardless of how long you’re driving, always remember to drive safely and be prepared! Driving out in the Outback can be dangerous.